You have your brand new 2017 Ford Fusion and have been driving happily for a while when you see one of those dreaded dashboard lights appear. Does your Fusion have a problem already? What does that symbol even mean? Well, this convenient symbol light guide will answer all your questions and make you an expert on your new Ford Fusion.

Learn the different light indicators on the 2017 Ford Fusion, and how Fred Beans Ford Doylestown is happy to help with any of your maintenance needs.

Feature Lights

Not all dashboard lights are bad. Some just let you know when certain features are activated and will turn off the second you deactivate those features. These aren't a cause for concern unless those features have been turned on without your doing.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control: This light appears as a car next to a speedometer with an arrow pointing at a notch away from the needle. When adaptive cruise control is activated, this light will illuminate white. When adaptive cruise control is engaged, the light will change color to green.
  • Cruise Control: Appearing as a speedometer with an arrow pointing towards the needle, this light activates when your cruise control is on.
  • Front Fog Lamps: This light looks like three parallel lines slanting downward left with a vertical curvy line intersecting them. To the right is a curved capital D. This light indicates your fog lamps are activated.
  • Lane Keeping Aid: When this light is activated, the lane keeping system is on. It appears as a car in between two dotted lines.
  • Parking Lamps: Appearing as two lamps facing away from each other, this light indicates that your parking lamps are on.

Problem Lights

Unfortunately, not all lights serve to highlight the great features of your new Ford Fusion. Some indicate problems, and some can indicate severe problems that need to be addressed right away. Make sure you know the difference as these lights could determine how safe you are when driving your car.

  • Anti-Lock Braking System: This light appears as the letters "ABS" inside a circle inside a set of parentheses. When on, your anti-lock braking system is malfunctioning.
  •  Battery: Appears as a battery. This light means that your battery is malfunctioning. You should shut off all unnecessary electrical equipment and get your Fusion checked out.
  • Brake System: This light looks like an exclamation point inside a circle followed by a "P" inside a circle. It means your brake system isn't working right. Stop the car as safely as you can and call for assistance.
  • Door Ajar: This one looks like a car with two doors open and means that your doors are not shut firmly.
  • Electric Park Brake: This light has a lightning bolt ending in an arrow inside a circle. It means your electric parking brake has suffered a malfunction.
  • Engine Coolant Temperature: This light looks like a thermometer in liquid and means the engine is too hot. Turn off the engine as soon as it's safe and let the engine cool.
  • Engine Oil: This one looks like an oil can and means that you need to check your oil levels.
  • Low Tire Pressure Warning: This light appears as an exclamation point inside a horseshoe-like shape and means that your tire pressure is low.
  • Powertrain Fault: Appearing as a wrench, this light indicates a powertrain or AWD fault.
  • Service Engine Soon: This asymmetrical block means that you should get your engine checked as soon as possible as there could be a problem with your emissions or a misfire.

Servicing Your 2017 Ford Fusion

If your dashboard lights indicate an issue of any kind, make sure you come to Fred Beans Ford Doylestown. Our service and parts department will have your new 2017 Ford Fusion ready to be back on the road in no time at all. Whether it be an oil change or more serious maintenance, our team of service professionals is happy to help.

Trust Fred Beans Ford Doylestown to keep your vehicle in top shape for years to come. Contact us today!

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