Despite the important role they play, we don't really give our tires their due. On the Doylestown, Philadelphia, and Warminster streets, they take a lot of abuse. To care for them properly, occasional tire repair is a necessity.

At Fred Beans Ford of Doylestown, we want to help you extend not just the life of your tires, but also the life of your car itself. That's why we've put together this helpful tire repair article.

Tire Repair Made Easy

In some cases, tire repair might mean getting a simple patch. In others, it might mean a full wheel alignment or rebalancing. All at once, this might seem like a lot of work. But if you take one thing at a time, it's quite easy.

We have a large service center filled with technicians well-versed in all things tires. As soon as your set needs any work, just contact them online or over the phone. They'll have your car in as soon as possible.

How to Know When New Tires Are Due for Service

The tires are a car's most concrete link to the terrain. So, when they start to wear down, you can easily lose traction or control, making the roads extra hazardous.

If you're wondering how tell when new tires are due, the first thing to look at is tread wear. You can use a penny to determine tread depth or you can use a simple tread wear gauge.

Rule of thumb states that if you tread falls below 1/16th of an inch, you're due for new tires. Other indicators you may spot are:

  • Unusual bulges in a tire's rubber
  • Any cracks in the sidewalls
  • Extra vibration in the steering wheel while driving

Determining Proper Tire Size

For your tires to truly be effective, they need to be the right size for your car. This is information you can determine by reading through the manual. However, you can just as easily reach out to our team.


Our technicians are more than happy to pair you with the right set of tires. However, by filling out your vehicle information on our website, you can also find the answers you're looking for.

Extend the Life of Your Tires

The truth it, you should only have to buy new tires every four years or so (depending on how hard you drive). However, without routine maintenance, they can wear down far quicker than that.

Every time you have your car in the shop for an oil change, it's a good idea to have your tires rotated and rebalanced as well. Then, every year you should have your front-end alignment inspected.

Need to Learn More about Tire Repair?

In this article, we've covered all the basics of tire repairs. However, if you've noticed any unusual wear in your tires and have questions, you can always contact the Fred Beans Ford of Doylestown team.

We're here to help all Doylestown, Philadelphia, and Warminster drivers keep their tires in tip-top shape. Contact us today for more information!


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